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Gummi Worms recipe 
11th-Feb-2008 10:09 pm
SPN - Sam the fandom whore
Recipe name: Gummi Worms recipe
Types:  low carb,  low cal, snack, candy
Prep time:  guess10-15 minutes
Cook time:just mixing and  20 min chill time
Servings: varies

Gummi Worms recipe

2 packages sugar-free Jell-O
2 packages plain gelatine
1 cup boiling water

If sour gummies are desired, add one packet of unsweetened Kool-aid in a flavor that goes well with your Jell-O flavor. The Kool-aid really makes them sour (but good).

Stir all ingredients until dissolved. Pour the mixture onto a large dinner plate and refrigerate. It will set in about 20 minutes.

You can either slice it into worms, or roll up the rubbery disk of gelatin and cut it every 1/4 inch with a large pair of scissors. You can also use tiny cutters to make little shapes

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