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24th-Nov-2007 09:54 am(no subject)
Recipe name: Candy Crack
Types: candy, snack
Pictures: YES
Prep time: maybe five minutes
Cook time: maybe  30 minutes
Servings :varies

29th-Oct-2007 01:30 am - Pumpkin Sausage Soup
Recipe name: Pumpkin sausage soup
Types: low carb , soup
Pictures: Yes
Prep time: not sure
Cook : about 1& ½ hours total

28th-Oct-2007 07:39 am - German Pancakes
Misc: Dog and cat looking at stars

Recipe Name: German Pancakes
Types: Breakfast, Easy
Pictures: No
Prep Time: 5...maybe 10 minutes tops
Cook Time: 15-20 minutes
Servings: Depends

21st-Oct-2007 01:15 pm - Caramel Sauce
Misc: Dog and cat looking at stars
Recipe Name: Caramel Sauce
Type: Topping, Dessert, Sauce
Pictures: No
Prep Time: about 5 minutes
Cooking Time: Less than 5 minutes
Servings: Makes about... 1-2 cups sauce

15th-Oct-2007 04:39 pm - Easy Baked Chicken
Misc: Duty
Recipe Name: Easy Baked Chicken
Types: Chicken, Easy
Pictures: No
Prep Time:  less than 5 minutes
Cook Time: 45 minutes 
Servings: depends on how many pieces of chicken you want to prepare...

14th-Oct-2007 09:17 pm - Banana Bars
Cherry blossoms
Recipe name: Banana Bars
Types: Desert
Pictures: Nope.
Prep time:  15 minutes or so
Cook time: 20-30 Minutes
Servings/works with: makes 6 dozen bars (tho really only if you cut them up small) 

14th-Oct-2007 01:43 pm - Chili Cheese Dip
Misc: Dog and cat looking at stars
Recipe Name: Chili Cheese Dip
Types: Dip, Appetizer, Easy
Pictures: No
Prep Time: Less than 5 minutes
Cook Time: About 5 minutes
Servings: Varied

Alfons Heiderich -- "Myaa?"
Recipe name: Jennifer's ultra-special mellow meat stir-fry sauce
Types: Sauce, best used on beef stir-fries.
Pictures: Nope.
Prep time: Less than 2 minutes.
Cook time: About three minutes (It's a sauce, so you don't really cook it...)
Servings/works with: This recipe is for about 2 lbs of stir-fry meat. 


13th-Oct-2007 11:47 am - White Chicken Chili
Misc: Dog and cat looking at stars

Recipe name: White chicken chili with [kerrygold] aged cheddar cheese

Types: Chili, Soup, Chicken,

Pictures: no
Prep time: Can’t remember, but the prep took a while because of the chopping and dicing.  I’d say about...20 minute prep or so.
Cook time: The actual cook time for the chili is only 10 minutes, but figure in about 30 minutes before that for cooking the chicken.
Servings: A lot...  We were eating this for days, but then there are only two of us... eh… this isn’t very helpful, sorry.

Note:  I found this recipe in a Kerrygold cheese ad a while back.  I didn’t use kerrygold cheese though, but I’m putting in the recipe word for word as I got it.



13th-Oct-2007 11:22 am - Sour Cream Drop cookies
Recipe name: Sour Cream Drop cookies
Types: , dessert, cookie, full fat , full sugar
Pictures: no
Prep time: 20 Min.  plus chill time
Cook time: about 40 minutes for 4 dozen
Servings: about 4 dozen Sour Cream drop cookies

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