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Fun Recipes

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Sharing recipes of all kinds.

Welcome! This community is open to all types of recipes from dietary recipes (e.g. low carb, sugar free) to the most fatty or sugary recipes. We welcome quick and easy recipes using convenience foods as well as completely homemade. This community is also open to people would like to ask questions about cooking.

  • No spamming. This means “please don’t post more than once a day”. Let’s be friendly to people’s friend lists.
  • No advertising. It’s not allowed. Don’t do it. You will be asked to take the post down.
  • Be respectful. If you don’t like vegetarians, or you think that all meat eaters are evil, this is not the place to express your views. This community allows all kinds of recipes. If you don’t want to make something with carbs in it, that’s fine, but bashing people on what they like is not tolerated. If this becomes a problem, only one warning will be given before being banned from posting.
  • Stay on topic. It’s okay to ask questions about the recipe being posted, but when the conversation goes to other things in the comments, please take it to e-mail, an instant massager, etc.
  • Label. This only takes a minute and gives people a little information on the recipe you’re posting. Please use the format indicated below.
  • Use a cut. It doesn’t matter how small the recipe is, you must use a cut. Fake cuts are okay as long as they lead to your own journal. You may NOT link to other journals that are not your own or other communities.
  • Please keep linking to recipes at other websites to a minimum. If you know of a good recipe site, by all means, recommend it, or if you got the recipe from a site, feel free to tell where you got it from, but please take the time to type up the recipe and post it to the community.
  • Do not disable comments on entries. This community is meant as a place where people can discuss recipes and cooking, and this is not possible when comments are disabled.
  • Indicate whether there are pictures under the cut. Please be courteous to those whose computers don’t load pictures quickly or efficiently. Pictures are awesome, but please warn people that they’re there.
  • Posting questions or recipe requests are acceptable. If you have a comment or question about a recipe already posted, please comment on that post instead of making a new one. If you have a list of cooking tips, feel free to share, but please be sure to use a cut.
(Rules are subject to change. All changes will be made known to the community.)

Please use this labeling system:

Recipe name:

Types: (is your recipe low carb, low fat, dessert, breakfast, vegan, quick, holiday, etc.?)
Pictures: (this only requires a yes or a no)
Prep time: (if you don’t know, your best guess would be fine, be sure to indicate that it is a guess)
Cook time:

(Your recipe in a cut)


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